Anaka Vocational Skills Training Institute





This project is the 3rd and last milestone for vulnerable youth. In October 2011 the center opened its doors to plant seeds of non-violence and reconciliation in Anaka. The pilot phase of the project ran for six month and thereafter two more subsequent 6 month trainings were conducted. A total of 150 vulnerable youth mostly formerly abducted qualified in builders, hairdressers, carpenters and tailors. At present, 45 youth are undergoing training in three courses of building, hairdressing, and tailoring. The former students of building class together with the current are building a classroom for PDF-Africa peace center in Anaka.

The trainings enable them to find jobs or to be self employed after the six month training period. Certificates are usually awarded to qualified learners upon meeting the training requirements. Such certificates are always asked for when they go looking for jobs.

Appreciation goes to FOR-Germany, Niemoeller Haus, Parish Dahlem and Third World Shop Vaihingen.