Peace Forest



Rural communities in Uganda in general do not see tree planting and forest conservation as of significant importance and priority. PDF-A plays a key role in building the understanding and involvement of the youth and the public at large in nature conservation, which is a key to future generations’ survival. The German students learned about the threat of environmental degradation, its causes and how it will affect resource sustainability for the future generations.

One of the strategic objectives is to support biodiversity conservation through forest conservation and tree planting.

PDF-A has embarked on a tree-planting mission in Latoro referred to as PeaceForest, in emembrance of the bloody land conflict among settlers and grabbers, mostly politicians and the rich. PDF-A planted a total of 4700 seedlings of pine trees in Latoro.

Appreciation goes to Amt für kirchliche Dienste (AKD-Youth) for funding this project and the participants of the September 2011 Peace Work Camp.

Peace Forest