Adult Literacy Project




The project ‘Provision of Adult Literacy education to Former LRA Youth Abductees and vulnerable youth is currently running at Koch Goma Learning Center where 69 returnees and vulnerable youth are enrolled in formal education to sit for primary leaving examination (PLE). PDF-Africa has designed this 1year project on adult literacy education to enable vulnerable youth and returnees in the region attain elementary education so as to enable them read and write by the end of the 1year. All these are done from within the villages, with expert trainers hired having full knowledge of the composition of the target group. The achievement of this center for the last 3 years (2011- 2014) is that 147 learners have been able to through this center. All these students are now able to read and write and they can as well communicate in English. At the beginning of 2014, a total of 51 learners had excelled in Primary leaving examination, a national examination, which is a gateway to secondary education. The very first lot of learners to sit primary leaving examination are now again semi candidates for yet another national examination (Ordinary leaving Certificate) to be done in 2015.

Appreciation goes to International Fellowship of Reconciliation – German Branch, Evang. Kirchengemeinde Berlin- Dahlem, Martin Niemoeller Haus Berlin and Third World Shop Vaihingen for funding this project.