Membership of PDF-Africa is open to all those persons who are willing and committed to promote and foster the aims and objectives of PDF-Africa and these include all people who are above 18 years of age and sane; any persons who are willing to join PDF-Africa and all developmental Organizations whose objectives include Non-violence and socio-economic development all of whom will have paid their membership, registration and annual subscription fees. Membership is divided into different categories paying different annual subscriptions as follows:

(i) Founder members pay annually: –

UG shs. 20,000/= for registration

UG shs. 20,000/= for membership

UG shs. 10,000/= for annual subscription


(ii) Ordinary members who shall be eligible to vote at AGM or plenary pay annually: –

UG shs. 10,000/= for registration

UG shs. 3,000/= for membership

UG shs. 2,000/= for annual subscription


(iii) Institutional members include community based organisations, (CBOs) informal groups whose aims and objectives include non-violence and socio-economic development and pay annually:-

UG shs.  10,000/= for registration

UG shs.  20,000/= for membership and

UG shs.  20,000/= for annual subscription

(iv) Honorary Members are individuals who are awarded their position for making tremendous contribution towards the organization, based upon this; they do not posses any voting powers.